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Are you in need of an emergency Fort Lauderdale towing service? Call us for estimate and to schedule a towing. Our towing services are not limited to Fort Lauderdale; we provide a variety of towing services throughout South Florida in Broward County, Palm Beach County, and Miami-Dade County.

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Why Hire a Towing Service?

You never know when you might find yourself in an emergency. It doesn’t matter how minor or major the situation, you may need some help. You can’t be prepared for any and all situations, but you can at least know that the person or business you do call will be ready to help you. They’ll be armed with the tools and resources needed to get your vehicle up-and-running.

Have you ever been on a road trip, or taking a long drive and your car overheats or gets a flat tire, just to have you stranded on the side of the road? Are you rushing to work and come to find out your car wont even start?

Who can you call when it comes to Roadside Emergency Help? You only need one number. Call Our Service!

Are you looking for a reliable South Florida towing company that’s affordable as well? Then you came to the right place. We offer competitively priced towing services whenever you need it.

We are on call all throughout the day. There are several factors that that impacts the total costs of the service, which include the type of hauling services required, type of vehicle to be transported, and the total distance.

Towing Services In Fort Lauderdale

Towing Services In Fort Lauderdale

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Why Choose Us For Your Fort Lauderdale Towing Emergency?

We assure our customers that they get the best value for their money. They are no hidden fees that will surprise you when you get the bill. We will disclose the rates when you call to inquire about our services.

Our goal is to provide dependable towing services without emptying your wallet. We try our best to get to the location as soon as possible and have your vehicle moved safely. 

We strive to provide 100 percent customer satisfaction. We know how difficult it can be to find a trustworthy and affordable towing service in South Florida.

Our loyalty and love for towing makes us stand out among our competitors and our attention to detail.

We will be there to keep you safe whether your car broke down or you were involved in a roadside collision. Our professional transportation specialists will scoop up the debris after an accident or collision.

That’s why you should keep our number saved on your phone for general towing services and emergency situations on the road.

About Our Fort Lauderdale Towing Service | Fort Lauderdale Tow Truck

Fort Lauderdale Towing Companies
Specialized Towing

Some businesses will tow your motorcycle and boat if you need it. Not everyone has the knowledge on how to treat and tend to those vehicles, but the businesses that do will assist you when you need it.

Offer Roadside Assistance

Regardless of the circumstances, you can trust a towing business to help you out here. It’ll be there when your vehicle breaks down or when you run out of gas. It doesn’t matter what happened or when it happened, you can be sure that you’ll have almost immediate and effective assistance.

Retrieve Vehicle During Accidents

It isn't perfectly safe to leave your vehicle out on the road after an accident has happened. You can't be sure that it'll still be there when you return. It could have either been stolen or towed by the police. To ensure that neither happens, entrusting it with a towing business could be your safest option.

Provide 24-hour Service

24-hour service is a luxury; take advantage of it. It's not just for McDonald's or Walmart. It's a useful service that some towing businesses provide. If you find yourself stuck at 2:19 a.m., instead of calling somebody who may or may not have what you need to help you out, just dial a local business’s phone number.

Reimburse Truthfully

The business won't steal your cash. If the tow truck driver damages your vehicle, he or she will provide you with the funds to fix it. They won't claim that the damage was already there and then force you to pay for it. They will take responsibility.

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South Florida Towing Service Areas

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Fort Lauderdale Towing Service

Whether you're stranded on the side of the road or stuck at home, you can count on our trucks arriving at your location in a timely manner. We're prepared to help you.

Okay, maybe you don't have an emergency, but need to schedule a towing date. We can make appointments also!

example. 561-561-5611

Types of Services

There are several Individual Services that Towing businesses provide, but they tend to be grouped into three simple categories. Those categories are light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty. The way they're organized is by taking in consideration the kind of vehicle you drive and the job they'll be doing for you.


Light-duty services are usually reserved for small cars and trucks. The jobs done here aren't complicated or complex. They’re extremely simple. These include supplying a spare tire or simply transporting one’s car. You can expect these kind of jobs to be quick and easy.


Medium-duty services are for larger trucks like delivery and pickups. The jobs in this category tend to be a bit more complicated as they include off-road recovery and roadside repairs.


Medium-duty services are for large trucks and their cargo. These jobs usually include towing trailers and trucks and lifting their cargo. They require more weight and heavy work.

Top Towing Services In Fort Lauderdale

Being stranded without a working vehicle can be a very frustrating experience, but a local tow company may be able to help you get back on the road in a timely fashion. Top Towing  is always ready to provide roadside assistance whether you have a flat tire or need to be towed to a repair facility.

Emergency assistance is also available.

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